How well you know the world?

Care to take a test?

1. Which range has the correct U. S. population? (a) 10 to 50 million.  (b) 150 to 350 million.  (c) 500 to 750 million.  (d) 1 to 2 billion.

2. Which religion has the largest followers? (a) Buddhism.  (b) Christianity.  (c) Hinduism.  (d) Islam.  (e) Judaism.

3. Which country were the Taliban and al Qaeda movements based in? (a) Iraq.  (b) Pakistan.  (c) Israel.  (d) Albania.  (e) Afghanistan.

4. Which region of the world is the largest exporter of oil? (a) Latin America.  (b) Russia.  (c) Southeast Asia.  (d) Middle East.

5. Which two countries have had a long-standing conflict over the Kashmir region? (a) Israel & Egypt.  (b) India & Pakistan.  (c) China & Russia. (d) Iran & Iraq.

6. Periodically, drastic changes in ocean temperature cause weather change around the world.  What is the name of this occurrence? (a) Tornado.  (b) Gulf Stream.  (c) El Nio.  (d) Global Warming.

7. Can you name 4 countries that officially acknowledge having nuclear weapons?  

8. Which two countries in the world have a population of more than 1 billion?  

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