The Mayor of Ji An City Visited Solano County

Ji An is the Sister Ciy of Solano County. Between Ji An and Solano, both Government Exchange ideas of business and trade, cultural and educational advancement and ways to promote economic growth.

During the delegation's visit, they toured our local farm lands, educational facilities and several local manufacturers including Jelly Been Factory. CAASC hosted a dinner with Mr. C. C and Mrs. Regina Yin at their ranch.  Solano County Administer Mr. Michael Johnson, Supervisor Mike Reagan and several  other County Officials were invited guesses.  Two Vice Consul from the Chinese Embassy attended the dinner

A dinner reception hosted by CAASC together with Mr. C. C. and Mrs. Regina Yin at the Yin Ranch on August 13, 2007 to welcome the Mayor of Ji'an City Mr. Zhou Meng accompanied by his delegation team of six from Jiang Xi Province of China.  Ji'an is the Sister City of Solano County.

Amount the guests are Vice Consul Mr. Zhou Ji Hua, Consul of Public Affairs Mr. Dong De Fa from the Chinese Consulate of San Francisco.  Solano County Manager Mr. Michael Johnson, Supervisor Mike Reagan, Mr. Jim Spering, Mr. John Vasquez and President of CAASC Mr. Robert Hertan and his Board Members as Co-Host of the event. (Click picture to enlarge and download)

Dining room set up by Ranch Manager Jack

Flower arrangement courtesy by C C Yin's sister Mrs. Chien

Mr. C C Yin is welcoming guests personally at the door steps

Ji'an City Mayor's team  arrived. Transportation by Solano County

Solano County Officials meeting and greeting the delegation

Mrs. Regina Yin also welcome the delegation personally

More Guests arrive, Mr. Yin spoke with County Officials

Ms. Quang Ho of Solano County's Budget Office talk with guests

Mrs. Regina Yin speak with Mayor
Zhou Meng

Michelle from Solano Magazine and her uncle Minh (from Saudi Arabia) greeted by Stephen Pierce (Public Info. Officer)

Mr. C C Yin welcomes Solano
 County Supervisor Mike Regan

Mr. & Mrs. Yin Take a picture
with Mayor Zhou before dinner

CAASC President greets Solano County Officials

Mrs. Regina Yin (left) and Michelle Branton (right) of Solano Magazine

Getting acquainted before dinner


CAASC board member Gaylord Gee chats with Mr. Yin's brother and sister


Mrs. Regina Yin interpreting for
Mr. Mike Reagan

Stephen Pierce (left standing) Jim Spering (County Supervisor) and Dee Alarcon (Superintendent of Schools.

Mr. C C Yin points out the importance of cultural exchange and friendship

Miss Li (Official Interpreter) interpreting Mayor Zhou's speech


CAASC Vice President with Chinese Consul Tong Defa (Public Affairs)

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